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EXO: What is Love?
MBLAQ: I Don't Know.
U-Kiss: Forbidden Love?
T-ara: Lovey Dovey?!
Teen Top: SUPA LUV!

B1A4: My Love?
MBLAQ: It's War, right?
B2ST: A Mystery ...
X-5: Dangerous!
Junsu: Intoxication?
B2ST: Say No to Junsu!!

LED Apple: OK! Time is Up!

Everyone: FINALLY!

Big Bang: I hate this Love Song...
WonderGirls: Nobody knows!
F.CUZ: No One?
Dalmatian: Need a Lover Cop?

2NE1: Go Away!
T-MAX: Don't Be Rude!
Super Junior: Sorry, Sorry.
Alexander: Oh Baby! I Just wanna know!

Se7en: Is there Somebody Else?
MYNAME: I got a Message!
Double A: And I got a Call!
SHINee: RingDingDong, us too!

Miss A: Good Bye Baby!
U-Kiss: Off to Neverland!
2NE1: Leaving too, Follow Me?
X-Cross: Don't get caught in the Storm!

JYJ: Okay everyone just Get Out!
B1A4: OK!

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